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in the 21st Century:
The Resurgence

Premiered on PBS, January 2007
Running Time: 60 minutes

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Today, more than 60 years after the Holocaust, many parts of the world are experiencing a dramatic resurgence of anti-Semitism. Reports from western watch groups indicate a drastic increase in anti-Semitic incidents since the year 2000. Meanwhile, in a growing number of Arab and Islamic communities, there is an alarming rise in anti-Semitic rhetoric in the political and public arenas, especially in mainstream media. In the context of its historical, religious and political underpinnings, Anti-Semitism in the 21st Century: The Resurgence examines how and why anti-Semitism continues to flourish today.

This documentary includes footage from Syria, Egypt, Israel, the West Bank, France and the US and interviews with David Ignatius of the Washington Post; Israeli Knesset Member Natan Sharanksy; Columbia University Professor Rashid Khalidi; New York Times best-selling author and NYU Professor Tony Judt; Professor Hisham Ahmed of Birzeit University, Ramallah; Hassam Hamed, Head of Egyptian State Television and others.


"The Libeling of a People Surges With a Vengeance" ALESSANDRA STANLEY

"Eye-opening… disturbing… an excellent documentary..."JACQUELINE CUTLER

"Judy Woodruff narrates this comprehensive look at the past, present and future of anti-Semitism. Sometimes complex, often infuriating and always eye-opening, Goldberg has performed a real service by analyzing the toxic mixture of ignorance and hatred and explaining why it has been so impervious to enlightenment and civilization for so long."BARRY GARRON

"Chilling proof [of Anti-Semitism]. reminds us that the power of fiction can be used to spread hatred..."JOANNA WEISS

"The daring documentary… goes where hatred borders on the incredible… a piece of the aching action that is Goldberg’s gold-standard of a film… It is the most frightening horror movie since Saw..."MICHAEL ELKIN

"A telling analysis… Will discomfit viewers of all stripes. will annoy those who believe that rising anti-Semitism is a myth fueled by Jewish paranoia and self-serving Jewish defense agencies. Equally upset will be those who argue that anti-Semitism, particularly in the Islamic world, is just using the same old stick to beat up on a blameless Israel… fervent believers in a global Jewish conspiracy, if any tune in, will be enraged at seeing their worldview demolished and ridiculed… Within one hour, the documentary, narrated by veteran CNN journalist Judy Woodruff, covers a lot of territory in a graphic and efficient manner."TOM TUGEND

"An important, well-told report."

"Thought-provoking… an excellent look… Makes you want to tear your hair out in frustration." MARY-ANN MCBRIDE

"Producer Andrew Goldberg, moderator Judy Woodruff, and presenter Oregon Public Broadcasting did a good and bold job and provided a useful and unique public service in taking on this volatile, uncomfortable to watch but important subject at this time. This struck me as just the thing Public TV ought to be doing. Its value, I thought, was in explaining the evolution of anti-Semitism, the original Christian and European role and the differences with Islam, and in exposing to American audiences the kind of hate-filled imagery about Jews that is broadcast and publicly stated in many Arab counties that Americans are unaware of and that the American media rarely captures and broadcasts if they see it. By the same token, it gave time and space to Arab views, especially Palestinians, who have suffered for decades under Israeli settlement and occupation policies that enrage and humiliate them daily and that also are not portrayed with any persistence by American media."MICHAEL GETLER

"A thorough examination… represent[ed] all sides of this issue. an excellent production, well researched, organized, written, reported and superior in visual presentation. It was especially timely… I tip my newsboy's cap to Andrew Goldberg and Oregon Public Television." KEN A. BODE

"New documentary explores the many faces of Jew-hatred — from early Christian texts to today’s Middle East."STEVE LIPMAN

"The Not-so Flip Side of the Cohen"ARMY ARCHERD

"Sacramento Station Backs Down on ‘Antisemitism’ Show"JOSH RICHMAN


Our 2007 PBS film Anti-Semitism in the 21st Century: The Resurgence, has won the Cine Golden Eagle Award. For more info go to


Major Funding for Anti-Semitism in the 21st Century: The Resurgence is provided by: Stockton Media, Harvey and Constance Krueger, The Marc and Diane Spilker Foundation, The David B. Heller Foundation, and The Rita J. and Stanley H. Kaplan Foundation.